Eric Bate - Violin, Viola

Violinist Eric Bate has a passion for the orchestral world of classical music. He has so far played with a total of eleven different professional orchestras and counting. Eric currently holds posts as section violinist for both Orchestra Iowa and the Illinois Symphony, and is a substitute violinist for the Minnesota Orchestra. Previous posts include Assistant Concertmaster of the La Crosse Symphony and section violinist of the Green Bay Symphony.

As a teacher, Eric believes that playing the violin isn’t about discovering a talent. It’s about developing a skill. Or to be more precise, a collection of many different skills. There’s the skill of drawing an even bow stroke; dropping the fingers in tune; shifting up and down the fingerboard. All these and more are teachable. At the heart of it, violin technique is the intersection of athletics (learning motor skills) and physics (learning the cause and effect nature of the instrument). Anyone who is willing to put in the work can learn to play the violin.


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