Eric Kummer - Drums, Percussion

Eric has been teaching professional drum and percussion lessons since 2006 to students of all ages and
skill levels. Earlier on in his music career he found a strong passion for teaching and saw how
enlightening it is to share the gift of music. In 2008 he attended Lawrence Conservatory of Music where
he studied Percussion Performance and then after moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to submerse himself
in the local music scene. Eric maintained a consistent teaching schedule while playing in many music
groups, theaters, and churches in the Milwaukee area. Spring of 2014 called Eric to Chicago where he
continued his freelance work while also touring the United States with a roots rock reggae rock group
Natty Nation. Soon after tour he found himself in the studio collaborating with artists all over world,
freelancing around Chicago, and teaching Drum Set, Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, West African, and Classical
Percussion at Lane Tech College Prep High School. Some of his recordings can be found on YouTube
where he continues to push the standard repertoire of traditional drum set.

While in Chicago Eric has worked with many artists and groups such as Chance The Rapper, Bloco
Maximo, Natty Nation, King Rabbit, Painted Caves, Chicago Children’s Choir, Evanston Escola De Samba,
Chicago Traffic Jam, Velocihamster, Art of IllFusion, UnderScore Theater, Columbia College Chicago
Theater, Chicago Children’s Choir, and many more. Currently Eric continues to teach, record, and
perform music around the Chicago land area.

“I’m excited to work at Terra Sounds where I will give aspiring drummers the right tools to accomplish
their goals as an overall musician. Whether they want to cover a specific style, develop a solo or just
know the basics of the instrument, I will be there to provide the stepping stones for success.”

“Working with a variety of students and seeing them accomplish their goals as a musician is very
enjoyable as an instructor. I like to create individual lesson plans for my students based on their learning
style. It is just as inspirational for me, as it is the student, when the light bulb goes off and they
understand and master the very thing that has been holding them back.”

phone: (847) 737-1850
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