Gregory Levinson - Audio Production Instructor & Sound Engineer

Gregory Levinson is a freelance sound engineer and musician. He was born and raised in Chicago and is fluent in French and Russian. During his time at Columbia College Chicago, he acted as a teaching assistant for multiple sound-design and computer programming courses. After graduating with his bachelor's degree in Game-Design from Columbia College Chicago, he has been working as an avid audiovisual and recording engineer for the Art Institute of Chicago, Atomic Hospitality Group, Critical Sound, Joy of Audio, and numerous other freelance companies around Chicago. As a musician, Gregory studied for ten years with renowned violinist David Yonan, participated as a violinist in the CYSO, has entered in many Chicago-based violin competitions, as well as music festivals in California.

In his spare time, Gregory practices martial arts, studies video-games, plays music, and has a passion for learning and teaching.

phone: (847) 737-1850
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