Terra Sounds at Summer Camps

Drum Circle
Our Interactive Drum Circle is an inspiring drum & percussion experience for kids and teens of all levels of musical ability. Participants are guided through an exciting rhythmic improvisation session utilizing a variety of percussion instruments provided by Terra Sounds. Drums circles are known to help kids build self-confidence, boost creativity and concentration, and even explain basic math concepts, all while sharing fun grooves with a group of friends!

Arts for Kids
The Arts for Kids workshop includes work with oil clay, acrylic paint, paper, and pastels. Students will learn how to express their ideas in color, line, and dimension. Colorful books with illustrations of animals, birds, and landscapes will serve as inspiration for making 3D figures in clay and creating beautiful paintings. Participants learn to observe, describe, analyze, and interpret visual arts while improving their motor skills, focus, and critical thinking.

Jump into character when participating in the Acting Workshop! Through theater games, improvisation, and scene work we will dive into the fundamentals of acting, while developing the actor's tools and applying this knowledge in a fully active and engaging way. This workshop helps kids improve their communication skills, learn to be team players, and make new friends, all in a fun and completely supported environment. There will be a lot of movement, so comfortable clothes and sneakers are recommended.

Music Production
The Music Production workshop provides a unique opportunity to experiment with studio-quality vocal effects, craft groovy beats of various genres, and learn about microphones and sound recording equipment. An experienced sound engineer will teach kids about the roles of various instruments in creating a balanced mix, while giving them a chance to explore their musical talents with fun hands-on games and activities. The workshop culminates in karaoke singing, and participants can receive a copy of the final recording via email or on a CD.

Art Explosion
Pick several workshops above and have your campers cycle through various Musc and Art stations. Terra Sounds will be happy to customize programs for individual organizations.
Contact us for details on summer camps and workshops we offer.