Mariya Lys - Flute, Piano

Mariya Lys, a skilled musician and teacher, is a graduate of Lviv Music College and received her Master’s Degree from Lviv State Conservatory. She has dedicated 30 years to teaching a wide array of disciplines, including flute, piano, ensembles, conducting, and instrumental studies at music schools, including seven years at the music college in her hometown of Lviv, Ukraine. Mariya's students consistently achieved laureate status in numerous competitions and showcased their talents at various festivals.

In addition to her teaching endeavors, Mariya showcased her own versatility as a performer by playing flute and various folk instruments, such as sopilka (pipe), telenka, dvoventzivka (a double flute), frilka, kaval, and others with a number of bands. For two decades, she toured across European countries like Belgium, Holland, France, Germany, as well as England, Denmark, Switzerland, and others, representing her culture alongside her fellow Ukrainian musicians on various stages, concert halls, and festivals.

In recent times, Mariya has been actively contributing to the U.S. music scene. She provides private piano and flute lessons in the Chicagoland and Chicago Northshore areas, enjoys enriching the musical experience in a children's musical theater as an accompanist, and performs in numerous concerts and festivals in collaboration with other musicians. Her performances span a wide spectrum of musical genres, encompassing both classical and modern compositions, and Mariya is eager to share her knowledge and experience with her students!

phone: (847) 737-1850 
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