Matvey Kostukovsky - Clarinet, Piano, Guitar

А Northwestern University Bienen School of Music graduate, a versatile instrumentalist and a gifted sound engineer, Matvey has over 14 years of music instruction experience, teaching piano, guitar, clarinet, recorder, music theory, and audio recording.  He has over 20 years of performance experience, and has been extensively recording and producing music for the past 10 years.  Prior to studying clarinet with Steve Cohen and Leslie Grimm at Northwestern, and concurrently receiving his degree in Electrical Engineering (with a minor in Music Technology), Matvey was a graduate of the Music Institute of Chicago, where he took clarinet lessons with Stanley Davis and studied piano with Abraham Stokman.  Matvey is the Director of Audio Production at Terra Sounds, and one of the company's co-founders.

phone: (847) 737-1850 ext. 111
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