Jack Carlson - photography

A musician since youth, Jack Carlson didn’t actually enter the visual arts until adulthood. A trip to Europe and his first Nikon FM (full manual) film camera were all it took.

Jack’s interest (and camera equipment) continued to increase. As his photography commitment evolved from casual to serious, he joined the Chicago Professional Photographers’ Association. Coincidentally, he began working at the Chicago Botanic Garden and earned certification from the CPPA as a nature photographer.

Jack was one of the last holdouts for film photography. He didn’t believe it possible to capture the same color and intensity with a digital camera – the reds from Kodachrome and the greens and blues of Fujifilm - and originally his reservations proved accurate. Improvements in the Digital World eventually changed this, however, and while still faithful to Nikon he is now a digital photographer.

Jack’s beliefs about the visual arts and photography from early on continue to inform his philosophy. Still photography as an art form does not, to Jack, mean taking hundreds of shots and later manipulating them on the computer. What matters is the critical eye: knowing what to look for, how to “see” and preserve the image, using light, color, texture and composition. This means taking fewer photos that need little or no later manipulation. It means getting it right the first time.

Jack is passionate about his art, and because of that he enjoys helping others learn about photography. His teaching style is experiential; one cannot learn how to take excellent photographs by just listening to a lecture. Jack sees his role as a coach to his students, assisting them to become better photographers from wherever their starting point might be.

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